Become a Memvocate - Keep Your Meetings Local

Thank you for your interest in keeping meetings local.

The Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) makes planning and implementing a meeting less time-consuming and more streamlined. Big or small, we have a vested interest in your meeting. So, whether you're planning a large conference or a special event, we can help.

We have everyone on speed dial – from help with planning, coordinating meeting space, arranging transportation and even locating the perfect speaker (or performer) for your event. Our team is your best and FREE resource for local meetings.

How we can help keep your meeting local:
  • Cruise through the planning process! We can help locate meeting space, check hotel availability, compare meeting venues and help negotiate a rate that fits your budget.
  • We have an unbelievable knowledge of local facilities and the surrounding area. We know who and what is available and can bring solutions to unexpected problems or challenges.
  • Get the buzz going. We'll help market your event with pre-convention promotions, videos, photos and press kits. And once your delegates are here, we have friendly personnel to help with registration and make suggestions for after-hour tours and activities.