The Geek’s Guide to Memphis

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Flipside Memphis

We know your type. You’re extremely intelligent. You absorb nuggets of information, and you have all the answers. Your hobbies may not be very mainstream, but you have a core group of friends that really, really enjoy the same things you do. You are the geek, and we’ve got some tips on how you can best enjoy the Bluff City.


Nothing brings the geeks to the yard like a good gaming store. Gather with other like-minded individuals at some of these local haunts which can provide you with everything you need to expand the geekiest of hobbies.

Comic Cellar
Cards, comics and board games, oh my. Comic Cellar is the place to go if you like deckbuilding, strategizing or role playing. This North Memphis shop offers various nightly tournaments, including Magic: The Gathering, Heroclix and Android Netrunner.

Mid-South Hobbies and Games 
They’re not dolls; they’re not even action figures. They’re miniatures, and don’t you forget it. Whether you like Warhammer, Flames of War or Bolt Action, Mid-South Hobbies and Games has you covered. This East Memphis shop also offers building supplies for model planes and trains, trading card games and radio-controlled cars and helicopters.


Whether you dig groovy tunes or mellifluous melodies, if you like to consume your music the old school way, there are plenty of local record stores to help you pick out the perfect soundtrack to your life.

Goner Records
Goner Records has been touted as one of the “best record stores in the country” by Rolling Stone. Not only will you find a wide variety of LPs and 45s, but this Midtown mainstay will also buy your old ones back from you. Don’t forget to check out GonerFest, Goner Records’ annual music festival that blows the roof off the Bluff City every September.

Shangri-La Records
It’s no surprise that this popular Midtown shopping experience is named after a fictional paradise. Shangri-La Records buys and sells LPs, CDs, DVDs, 45s and 78s. Also honored by Rolling Stone as being one of the top music shops, Shangri-La also carries rare finds at very reasonable prices.

Spin Street Music 
Spin Street is a one-stop shop for music and pop culture. In addition to one of the largest CD collections in town, Spin Street also features concert posters, t-shirts and memorabilia. You can also grab a movie or even video games at this East Memphis anchor store.


We know you like to impress your friends with your superior knowledge, but did you know that Memphis was used as the set location for several critically-acclaimed movies. Add cinephile to your email signature with these thrilling trivia tidbits.

The Firm (1993) – The Firm was one of the top-five highest grossing movies in 1993, and the city Memphis is prominent throughout the story. Elmwood Cemetery, Beale Street, Chickasaw Gardens and Mud Island are just a few of this film’s iconic locations. If you want to roleplay one of Tom Cruise’s best performances, then take a ride in the Mud Island River Park monorail just like his character, Mitch McDeere, did in the movie.

Hustle & Flow (2005) – Hustle & Flow was set in, and exclusively filmed in the Bluff City, hometown to the movie’s director, Craig Brewer. This Oscar-winning motion picture was one of Brewer’s first feature films, and he was determined to make Memphis the centerpiece. While the neighborhoods may not be typical tourist spots, if you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll see some familiar houses along South 3rd Street and St. Paul Avenue.

Walk the Line (2005) – This biopic was nominated for five Academy Awards (winning one), and since the subject, Johnny Cash, spent much of his life living in Memphis, a large portion of the movie was filmed here. If you visit Sun Studio, the Pipkin Building at the Fairgrounds and the South Main district downtown, you can trace some of Joaquin Phoenix’s steps as he embodied “The Man in Black.” 

Castaway (2000) – This Academy Award nominated film chronicles the turmoil of a FedEx delivery driver. Most of the principal photography was shot in Fiji, but the FedEx corporate headquarters right here in Memphis, Tennessee, plays a major role in the last few minutes of the movie. FedEx CEO, Fred Smith, even has a small cameo.