Get Your Veg On: Meatless Memphis Dining Options

Portabella BBQ Sandwich and beer from Central BBQ. Photo Credit: Justin Fox Burks

Memphis is the barbecue capitol of the world, but we've got more than pork. Try the portabella and barbecue sandwich from Central BBQ. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Vegetarian Chili Fuel Cafe

Vegetarian chili from Fuel Cafe in Memphis. Photo by Kerry Crawford.

Trolley Stop Pizza

Vegetarian pizza from Trolley Stop Market. Photo by Kerry Crawford.

Smootie Menu at Cosmic Coconut

Get a vegan smoothie at Cosmic Coconut. Photo by Kerry Crawford.

Elegant Farmer Salad

Elegant Farmer offers "elevated" comfort food that is presented to you using the freshest local and regional ingredients from sustainable farms. Photo by Justin Fox Burks

Want to chow down in the Bluff City, but you don’t eat meat? We’ve got you covered. From sun up, to sun down, just stick with these suggestions for a mouthwatering, meat-free day in Memphis.

With a prevalence of bacon, ham and sausage, breakfast is one of the hardest meals to keep meat off the table. Stop by Brother Juniper’s near the University of Memphis and grab a tofu veggie omelet or the Fahim’s special with Kalamata olives, tomatoes and portabella mushrooms. Or try a liquid breakfast at Cosmic Coconut, East Memphis’ premiere vegan smoothie bar. Good bets include the Chocolate Covered Almond with almond milk, cacao and fresh coconut and the Good Vibrations with raspberries, blueberries and goji berries.

When it hits late morning, and you’re starting to crash, re-energize with a caffeinated pick-me-up at Otherlands in Midtown, which boasts a full coffee menu, as well as vegan chocolate chip cookies and brownies. You could also stroll down to Cooper Young and sip and savor at Java Cabana, which also offers an array of vegan snacking opportunities.

There’s a variety of vegetarian lunch opportunities in Memphis. You just have to know where to look. Head downtown and take a chance on Bluefin. You can indulge in sushi with the veggie roll, which is stuffed with glazed tofu, cucumber and avocado. And make sure you start your meal off right with an order of edamame hummus. 

Even carnivores chow down on the balsamic-marinated, grilled portabella sandwich with smoked Gouda at Central BBQ, where you can have your barbecue and eat it, too.  And, if you need to be warmed up on a cold day, Fuel Café in Midtown offers a hearty vegan chili with quinoa and red beans and an award-winning veggie burger.

At Cheffie’s Café, it’s easy to make meat-free choices, because you’re the chef. This East Memphis eatery allows diners to go wild and build their own salad or sandwich with an endless variety of vegetables and fruits. 

If you need fewer decisions in your life, DejaVu is the answer. This Creole soul food restaurant has an entire section of its menu devoted to vegan offerings like curry veggie rolls, pasta primavera, and spinach and mushroom quesadillas. 

For a bigger selection of vegan fare, Imagine Vegan Café’s menu is completely devoid of all meat and animal by-products. From “chili cheese” fries, to buffalo “wings” and even hot dogs, this Midtown restaurant shows that you don’t have to give up your favorite comfort foods in order to leave the meat behind.

Late Night
You don’t have to go to bed when the sun sets. Satisfy your craving for midnight munchies with some of the city’s best bar snacks. Young Avenue Deli in Midtown serves up some of the best sweet potato fries around or tingle your taste buds with the Cosmic Cucumber sandwich or the Hummus Pita. 

You can hang with all the cool kids at RP Tracks near the University of Memphis and nosh on the Alpha Beta Pita, stuffed with chipotle hummus, olives and alfalfa sprouts or their famous barbecue tofu nachos. Bar food never had it so good.