Memphis Featured in Garden & Gun Magazine

Dry rub ribs at Rendezvous Restaurant in Memphis

World-famous dry rub barbecue ribs from Rendezvous. Photo by Craig Thompson

Exterior of Sun Studio in Memphis

Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, B.B. King and more have all recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis. Photo by Brand USA

Riverboat rides on the Mississippi River - Brand USA.jpg

Take a ride on a riverboat in Memphis, TN. Photo by Andrea Zucker.

National Civil Rights Museum exterior sign

The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. Photo by Brand USA

Goner Record Store - Craig Thompson

Goner Records has a great selection of garage, indie and punk rock plus new and used vinyl and CDs. Photo by Craig Thompson

Hampton Sides, writing for Garden & Gun magazine, has an excellent city profile of Memphis in the April/May 2015 issue. From iconic highlights such as barbecue joints and soul music hangouts, to the new wave of talent and neighborhoods grinding the city forward, the article is the perfect resource for planning your next trip to Memphis.  

The Garden & Gun article comes on the heels of The New York Times profiling Memphis for its popular “36 Hours in…” travel series.

Sides, who was born in Memphis, comments:  

This thing about Memphis: Is there really a there there, or just a belief in the thereness? If It came from Memphis, what is the It? I can’t precisely say, and I’m afraid if I delved any deeper, it would kill the very thing itself. That’s how fragile it is. Like a frog on dry land, it can’t stand too much direct light or desiccating heat. Like some of Eggleston’s photos, it’s unanalyzable. You can’t define it or bottle it. You can’t explain or parse it. You just have to go there and get a whiff for yourself.

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City Portrait: Memphis, Tennessee