Jerry's Sno Cones Building

6 Must-Eat Summer Treats

Cupcakes and donuts had their time in the spotlight, but its due time for classic popsicles and snow cones to get a makeover. Put these unique Memphis desserts at the top of your summer must-eat list.  

Chili Pineapple Paletas – La Michoacana

As you enter La Michoacana, you’ll notice the freezer at the front of the store is packed to the brim with a rainbow of paletas (essentially a Latin American version of the ice pop, usually made with fresh fruit). Paletas here forgo the corn syrup and sticky stuff in favor of pure natural fruit flavors. Fresh fruit gives them a great texture that holds up well in hot Memphis summers. Try the chili pineapple paleta. Pineapple brings the sweet and the (not overly hot) chili adds a little spice and balance to your life. Each bite is homemade, delicious, lickable and cold! Other popular flavors include strawberry (loaded with large chunks of fresh berries), coconut, avocado, watermelon and even creamy Oreo dipped in chocolate. At under $3 each, you’ll want to grab a bag for the road.

Wedding Cake Supreme Sno Cone – Jerry’s Sno Cones

The line wrapped around Jerry’s Sno Cones on a Saturday night is as long and diverse as the flavors inside the small, bright pink ice cream stand. Jerry’s sells a handful of things including burgers, milkshakes and malts, but the snow cones are what keep them famous. Smooth, soft, shaved ice at Jerry’s pairs perfectly with their flavored syrups like Wedding Cake, Tigers Blood and Legit (they have over 50 unique combinations). Order your snow cone “supreme” and they’ll layer your treat with soft-served vanilla ice cream. Most all sizes and flavors at Jerry’s go for under $4 but be aware they only accept cash and are closed on Sundays.

Red Wine Sorbet – Scoops Parlor

This sorbet is for the 21 and over crowd, but the little one's wont be disappointed because Scoops also serves crowd favorites like cookies & cream and strawberry cheesecake (click here to see what made the menu today). Get the delicious gelato scooped into a bowl or on top of a hot crepe with chocolate drizzle. You can dine in or take your scoop to go and walk up historic Main Street. 

Sandia Agua Fresca – Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

What do you get when you blend freshly squeezed watermelon juice with soft shaved ice? One of Las Tortugas' signature beverages, the sandi agua fresca. This refreshing summer sipper is packed full of flavor and pairs perfectly with Deli Mexicana's sometimes fiery, authentic Mexican cuisine. If watermelon isn't your thing, try the pineapple, hibiscus, tamarind or horchata flavors.

This Germatown eatery is a favorite of several local chefs, and the small space can become quite crowded during peak dining hours.

Torte di Gelato di Banana – Bari Ristorante

This popular Midtown Italian restaurant offers a creamy frozen pie that's an excellent way to finish off a sumptuous meal. The chefs at Bari fill a housemade tarte shell with banana marscapone gelato and top it with decadent chocolate sauce. Stop by and grab this elegant treat after an entertaining evening in Overton Square.

Root Beer Water Ice – Parker's Water Ice

Just imagine a cool Italian ice flavored with sparkling root beer. There's no better way to beat the summer heat. The frozen treats at this South Memphis dessert specialty store are smoother and creamier than your average snow cone. You can even combine your water ice with soft serve vanilla ice cream for a root beer float effect. If you don't care for root beer, you can't go wrong with any of the over 34 other flavors, and feel free to mix and match to create a unique icy treat.