Davies Manor Requests Your Assistance in Gathering Information

These interns will complete 150 hours each working on projects and developing interpretive materials for use in tours and educational programs presented at the historic site.

A committee of volunteers has been researching slave records and narratives in the association archives to develop information on the activities and day to day lives of the people on the plantation and in the community who worked for and with the Davies/Rogers family. The Davies family began farming in the area around l830 and moved into the family home around l851. Samantha Gibbs will begin in July with to conduct research and oral interviews of any persons who may have personally worked on the plantation with or for the Davies family in Fayette, Maury or Shelby County and the Brunswick, Arlington area; or who may have family history of persons who lived and worked on the plantation. The time period represented in the study will cover from 1850 when the Davies family moved to Shelby County until the death of Ellen Davies Rogers in l994.

The association has established a contact point for the public to use to contact those members of the research team. If you have any knowledge you feel may be of interest or educational benefits regarding the farming practices and social customs of that time period, please contact the team at 901-605-2884, leave a message and you will be contacted to arrange an interview at your convenience.

Additionally, and in keeping with the approaching 150th anniversary of the Civil War, intern Sherry Fairbanks will be working with the committee planning and implementing the set up of the annual quilt show to be held November 5, 6 and 7. The show traditionally includes antique and contemporary quilts. The theme for the antique display this year will be Civil War Era and Slave Made quilts. We are looking for quilts with a history or a story pertaining to this time period. If you have a quilt that you believe may have such a history, and are willing to have it on display during the show, please call us at 901-386-0715. You may bring the quilts to us, or if you prefer, we can come to you to verify and arrange display of these historic treasures. Contemporary Civil War reproduction quilts will also be displayed during the show at the primary display site in Hillwood.

The staff and volunteers at Davies Manor look forward to hearing from all of you and working on programs to preserve our past and educate future generations in the rich traditions of those who struggled through this important period of the growth of our country.

Taken from ledgers of the commissary that was operated on the plantation some of the families we hope to contact are those related to or descended from: Single name only – Bostick; Lake; Madduse; Martha; Rady; Sher. Full names- J. W. or Tom, Allen; W. L. Anderton; Tom Armour; Henry Ballard; E. A.

Contact: Nancy J. McDonough, Director - 901-386-0715