MEMPHIS to launch national tour at The Orpheum Theatre!

“On behalf of my producing partners, I am thrilled to announce that the national tour of MEMPHIS will begin at the Orpheum. We couldn’t be more excited to be kicking off the tour with our friends at the Orpheum,” said Sue Frost, a producer of the show.

“This is a huge coup for Memphis!” said Pat Halloran, President and CEO of The Orpheum Theatre. “This is the first time a national tour or a Broadway show has been mounted in Memphis. In addition to the enormous economic impact, this project will provide our community yet another opportunity to take pride in our rich heritage and significant place in American music history.”

MEMPHIS takes place in the smoky halls and underground clubs of the segregated 50’s, a young white DJ named Huey Calhoun fell in love with everything he shouldn’t: rock and roll and an electrifying black singer. MEMPHIS is an original story about the cultural revolution that erupted when his vision met her voice, and the music changed forever. For more information visit