Memphis: A Culinary Paradise that Sizzles with Soul

Burger at 3 Angels Diner (closed). Photo Credit: Justin Fox Burks

Three Angels Diner on Broad Ave partners with local farmers to serve delicious and fresh food daily. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Andrew Adams and Wally Joe at ACRE

Join chefs Andrew Adams and Wally Joe at Acre in East Memphis for fine dining. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Barbecue spaghetti from Bar-b-q shop - Justin Fox Burks

Pigs will be dancing over the barbecue spaghetti from the Bar-B-Q Shop. Photo by Justin Fox Burks

Assortment of cupcakes from Muddys Bakeshop

Muddy's Bakeshop in Memphis has the perfect cure for your sweet tooth. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Chef Kelly English putting the final touches on a dish; Justin Fox Burks

Kelly English shows what makes him the best chef in Memphis. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Pecan pie and coffee at Muddys

Delicious pecan pie from Muddy's Bakeshop in Memphis. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Wally Joe at ACRE - Justin Fox Burks

Chef Wally Joe is one of the chefs at Acre in Memphis. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Interior dining room at ACRE

Join chefs Wally Joe and Andrew Adams at ACRE for fabulous Memphis fine dining. Photo by Justin Fox Burks

Unique patio seating at Restaurant Iris

Restaurant Iris specializes in French-Creole cuisine. Join chef Kelly English today. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Chef Felicia Suzanne Willet - Justin Fox Burks

Felicia Suzanne's restaurant is an intimate setting that blends a young, contemporary feel with classic Southern charm. Photo by Justin Fox Burks

Lobster Pronto Pup at Rizzos

Very unique Memphis food - grab yourself a lobster pronto pup from Rizzo's Diner. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen: Justin Fox Burks

Chefs from Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen put the final touches on a dish. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

If you’re searching for somewhere to flex your foodie muscles, look no further than Memphis, Tennessee. We offer the first-class dining experience of a large, metropolitan area, combined with the charm and hospitality of the South. Not only will you find great casual and upscale restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines and the best service around, you will also have the opportunity to visit an award-winning winery, shop at great specialty stores and even throw down in the kitchen. If you spend most of your free time thinking about, dreaming about and eating food, then Memphis is the culinary destination for you.

Nibble a Little
Memphis is chock full of outstanding restaurants. Whatever your palate desires, we can deliver. If you’re in the mood for a new twist on classic Italian food in a warm but elegant setting, check out Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. These chefs (and recent James Beard Award semifinalists) continue to push the culinary envelope while paying homage to their Italian heritage and sourcing local ingredients whenever possible. Chez Philippe at the world famous Peabody Hotel offers refined French cuisine in one of the city’s most elaborate dining rooms. Choose three, five or seven courses of thoughtful, expertly-prepared dishes, such as filet mignon with duchess potatoes, sea scallops in a champagne beurre blanc and escargot gratin with parsley salad. If you’re craving delicious Creole-inspired food, take a trip to Restaurant Iris where Chef Kelly English serves up soulful Southern dishes like his New York strip stuffed with fried oysters and topped with a blue cheese béchamel.

Sip a Little
Just 14 miles north of Downtown Memphis lies one of the city’s best kept secrets. Old Millington Winery produces dry, semi-dry and sweet wines utilizing grapes that thrive in Memphis’ unpredictable climate. These delicious concoctions frequently win awards at the Wines of the South competition, where they compete against entries from over 50 different wineries in 14 states. If beer is more of your thing, make sure to ask for Ghost River when you’re dining around town. Ghost River is brewed right here in the Bluff city using small batch techniques and features a permanent menu: Golden Ale, Copperhead Red and Glacial Pale Ale, along with several seasonal flavors.

Shop a Little
In order to eat great, you have to utilize the best products. From April through October, you can head downtown and visit the Memphis Farmers Market. Every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. local producers, farmers and artisans showcase their wares and promote the idea of eating and shopping within your own community. If you’re on the hunt for a specialty food item, check out Miss Cordelia’s Grocery on Mud Island. This small market specializes in hard-to-find ingredients and the freshest local produce. There’s an entire section devoted to Memphis-based food companies like Frantic Chocolates, McCarter Coffee, Groovy Foods Granola and Pistache Pastry. You can even pick up prepared food from Cordelia’s Table and stroll over to the park for a nice picnic on the Mississippi River.

Eat Like a Local
Experience Memphis like a local on a Tastin' 'Round Town culinary tour. Join fellow foodies on this multi-course, multi-restaurant feast through some of the most trendy, award-winning and historic restaurants in the city. Choose from tours like BBQ Tasting, Taste of Downtown Memphis, desserts, burgers and more. 

Tours range in price from $46 - 65. To make sure everyone has a great experience, space is often limited, so make sure you buy your tickets in advance